2022 Tax Instruction Guide


Please follow the steps below to share your 2022 tax documents

  1. You will receive an email from Hantz Tax &
    Business in January/February denoting your Tax
    Specialist and due dates
  2. Gather all of your tax documents
  3. Fill out the Tax Questionnaire PDF: Download here
    • Note: This document is fillable digitally so you can
      fill it out, saved to your computer and upload from
  4. Upload your documents to your Vault, including
    your Tax Questionnaire. You can do this two
    different ways:

    • (Preferred method) Via the mobile app: Instructions here
    • Scanning your documents in manually

Documents & Resources

Click on the guides below to learn more about a specific topic


Contact your Financial Advisor or Tax Specialist. You can also read through the Frequently Asked Questions listed below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my personal tax information secure?

Your personal information is safe and secure whether you upload documents on a computer or via the mobile app. Here is a short video if you would like to learn more about the website security: https://vimeo.com/786784057

When can I expect my return to be done?

This is client and tax specialist specific. However, as a general rule, tax returns are processed in the order in which the tax documents are received. If expectations have not already been set between you and the tax specialist, please reach out to your specific tax specialist to discuss those expectations.

Mobile App Questions:

How do I confirm what year I’m uploading in?

Once you’ve selected the tax document type you would like to upload, the top of your screen will say the tax document type and the year.

Additionally, you can click on the drop-down arrow next to the tax document type at the top of the screen. This will show you the year options.

How do I confirm the documents are properly uploaded into the correct folder and are readable?

Follow the steps below:

  1. From the home screen, navigate to the ‘financial planning’ tab. This will take you to a desktop version of Hantz360 on your phone.
  2. Find the ‘Vault’ tab on the top of your screen
  3. Select ‘Shared Documents’
  4. It should be located in the “2022 Tax Documents” folder. We recommend scrolling through your recent uploads to confirm they are clean